Anonymous said: hi, i'm 3DS anon and i just wanna say thank you so much omg

You’re welcome!

Anonymous said: what is the MET college?

It’s the part time and evening school. A lot of adults will take classes, finish they’re degrees, or just start a new degree there. Undergrads can sometimes take courses through it to count towards their degrees, like you could take MET MA124 in place of CAS MA124 if the regular course didn’t fit in your schedule.

Anonymous said: Okay this is a weird question but it's pretty important to me-I know pets aren't allowed, but what about plants? Or um, terrariums which are basically jars with plants in them which grow on their own nad make 0 mess. And also this is the kind of strange part-what if they have snails in them? like little small snails that are pretty low maintenance and don't make a mess or have mites or anything.

First of all that sounds really really cool!

Secondly you’re ok.  While snails aren’t technically allowed no one will know or care.  If for some reason an RA takes a look into your room, they will be on the lookout for more serious contraband. 

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Anonymous said: Since a guest can't stay overnight for more than 3 consecutive nights, what can my boyfriend do for the 4th night? He doesn't have anywhere to go.

He just has to re-sign in.

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Anonymous said: Are rhetty to go meals good?

Sure. They’re not like amazing but they’re tasty and filling.

If you were a part of FYSOP, it’s what they packed for you when you were on site all day.

I believe they also gave you one during orientation as well.

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Anonymous said: What time are all the libraries open until?

Monday – Thursday 7am – 2am Friday 7am – 11pm Saturday 8am – 11pm Sunday 10am – 2am

Source here

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Anonymous said: Directions to target? I live in east campus and want to take a bike? I tried google but I am not sure if Somerville or Dorchester is closer

Somerville is a little closer.  Both are pretty far and I wouldn’t really recommend biking there though.

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Anonymous said: Hi do you have pictures of 1019 commonwealth avenue, i world like to see the room layout

Search “bu 1019 layout” on google images.  That’ll give you pics of the rooms and some floor plans.

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Anonymous said: so is it possible to switch from say, a 14 meal plan last minute to a 250 so that your meals transfer over or is that not a thing?

I think only the meals you have left over from that week only will transfer over.  I’m not sure though

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Anonymous said: Is there a limit to how many times you can have overnight guests? My boyfriend is coming to visit for 4 nights and I want to make sure thats ok. (I live in Myles if that makes a difference)

According to BU’s guest policy overnight guests can stay for up to 3 consecutive nights. You’ll need to turn into the guard an overnguest pass. It’ll need your roommate/suitemates signatures.

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