Anonymous said: if i have a class in the lse building, is 10 minutes enough for me to get to cas right after?

Yes! 10 minutes is probably more than enough time!

Boston University Adds Authentic Asian Cuisines to On-Campus Dining Halls


Boston University Adds Authentic Asian Cuisines to On-Campus Dining Halls


One piece of good news for Asian students and other Asian food fans at Boston University: BU is adding more Asian food options, including Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, and Thai cuisines, to the menu in every dining hall on campus. In addition, several popular Asian snacks such as GGE Wheat Crackers (张君雅小妹妹), Bear Cookies (熊仔饼), and Pokka Aloe drinks will be available at City Convenience stores…

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7 Colleges With An Awesome City Life



Boston University

Boston is a historic town, rich in diversity, sophistication, and charm. Not only are Boston University’s undergrad and graduate school programs world renowned, but the campus BU Bridge is the only place in the nation where a plane can fly over a car driving over a train speeding over a boat, simultaneously.



New York is the epitome of city life – and New York University is no exception. Nestled in Greenwich Village, there are no distinct borders that separate NYU from the city streets. Students can enjoy an integrated campus life and the high energy hustle and bustle of big city.


University of Colorado

Boulder is a great non-traditional city. For the outdoor enthusiasts, CU – Boulder is set against a magnificent Rocky Mountain backdrop.  Biking, hiking, mountain climbing, and other adventurous activities are widely available around the surrounding areas of the campus.


University of Texas

Austin is a town of southern charm combined with rich city life.  As one of the nation’s largest universities, University of Texas – Austin has a vibrant nightlife, music and food scene. Situated just a quarter mile away from downtown Austin, students have the option to experience life outside of campus.


University of California, Los Angeles

Westwood is in the heart of Los Angeles – huddled between key LA cities such as Santa Monica, Bel Air, and Hollywood. With it’s proximity to some of the coolest city life on the west coast, UCLA gives students the opportunity to experience beautiful weather year-round and the diversity of LA neighborhoods. 


Penn State

State College is a sprawling urban setting, perfect for Pennsylvania State University. More than just a college town, Penn State has a huge selection of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shopping available, along with a multitude of outdoor activities. 


University of Georgia

Athens is rated among the best college towns in the country according to U.S. News. Located a mere 60 miles from Atlanta, UGA has the perks of a college town and the proximity to big Georgia cities. 

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Anonymous said: Any general advice for an incoming freshman?

I’d like to say that 90% of this blog is dedicated to advice for incoming freshmen, but to narrow it down a bit more check out the “new to bu” tag here. Some of my favorite general advice posts are here, here and here. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said: Is the Fitrec open to students before Sept 2nd?

Yes! :D

Anonymous said: do you know anything about ROTC at BU?

Personally, no, not really. I do however know someone in the NROTC here at BU. He gave a brief summary of his thoughts on it here. If you have anymore specific questions to ask I can relay them to him, but you will probably get a quicker response if you contact them via email here or through the following departments:

Army ROTC: (617) 353-4025    

Navy and Marine Corps ROTC: (617) 358-3470

Air Force ROTC: (617) 353-4705

Anonymous said: Is Campus "Unsafe" when it gets dark out or is it pretty chill?

M: I personally have never felt unsafe on campus. I’ve walked home at midnight after a movie and felt fine. I would walk back to campus with my friend and then we would split ways at Bay State as she went to Myles and I went to my brownstone, I felt perfectly fine. The only time I felt scared was when I saw a rat run across one of the brownstone yards, that’s it. However, I also don’t walk around alone for too long after midnight or 1 am. I always walk on Comm Ave or Bay State where there are street lights every ~30 ft. In the winter, it gets dark really early, but again I’m not afraid to walk alone. And unless it’s really late at night, you never really are alone on Comm Ave, there’s always someone else walking relatively nearby, in my experience.

If you want peace of mind while walking on campus, or Boston in general, late at night, carry a rape whistle, they are quite loud and would likely scare off an attacker. If you are attacked, fight back any way you can and make a lot of noise. Attackers don’t like to draw a lot of attention.

Anonymous said: For Towers housing - from your experience or your friends', would you recommend keeping the beds lofted, or unlofting them? Height isn't really an issue for me; I'm just not sure which would work better with space and what not

I would recommend keeping your bed lofted. My friend had his bed lofted and it seemed to give him more room with his desk underneath. His roommate unlofted his bed and lost some space having to put his desk somewhere. The rooms aren’t that big to start with, none for large dorm doubles are, so saving any space you can is a great help.

Anonymous said: Hello! I am going to be living in The Towers this year and the picture of the dorms on the housing website is the opposite of helpful for seeing what they look like. Are they pretty similar to the Warren dorms? and are we allowed to un-loft the beds? because i can't sleep in a bed that high :(

The rooms are different from Warren. In Warren, the way the room is set up is how it will stay for the whole year, since things like the desk and shelving can’t be moved. In Towers, everything is moveable, including your closet, although they can be a bit heavy. This is great because you can move things around as you like, with your roommate’s consent of course. You can un-loft the beds, but you have to request that it be un-lofted, you cannot un-loft it yourself or with the help of a friend. I would ask your ResLife office about un-lofting your bed, especially if you would like it to be done prior to your move-in time.

ResLife for Towers: (617) 353-3827

Anonymous said: *I meant 'suffocating' of course, sorry. And thanks for your answer!

That’s what I figured. No worries and you’re welcome! (:

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