Anonymous asked: is there any way i can view a list of 2 credit courses at BU?

I don’t think it is possible to do that kind of search for BU courses. Most 1 or 2 credit courses are required so certain majors, such as SED, CFA, and SAR majors, and those students know which 2 credits courses they need to take. You can look at the University Class Schedule on Student Link (everyone can access this) and search by department to see what classes are 2 credits.

All PDPs (recreational gym courses) are 1 credit except for Personal Trainers which are 2 credits and a few classes which are 0.5 credits.

Anonymous asked: i asked about the on campus jobs. ive never applied for a job before so fall will be my first time. where do i go to look for the on campus jobs (are they just on studentlink)? is there anything in particular i can do to stand out and have a better chance at getting an on campus job? also how professional should i be (is this like applying for a normal job...)

The jobs will be posted on Student Link, so look there first. There are jobs posted now on the Job Board, but most are off campus it seems. Look through for On Campus jobs. If you have any work experience at all, be sure to mention that.

M: I applied for work-study jobs, so it may be a little different, but it was rather informal for me. I went to the Work-Study Job Fair during Orientation, talked to the Library, FitRec, and other departments, wrote down my email, and heard back a month later, at the latest. I got a job at BU IT and just emailed the other supervisors saying I had obtained employment elsewhere on campus.

The Student Employment Office has a lot of great info and job hunting tips you can look at, here. Also, a lot of on campus departments hire student workers, both work study and regular workers. Departments are also constantly hiring new students each year as seniors graduate, students leave, or get new jobs, etc.

Good luck!

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Anonymous asked: how do i go about applying for an on campus job in the fall? when should i start applying? i dont have work study... will this make things difficult

Start applying as soon as jobs are posted,during mid-summer, I believe. Work-study students usually get first dibs, and some jobs are reserved specifically for work-study, but you can still find a job! It won’t make things terribly difficult, but you may have to be more aggressive when job hunting. Good luck!

M: Work study students actually have a completely different job board, which only they can access, so the postings on the Job Board Listings are available to everyone.

Anonymous asked: How hard is it to get an internship?

It truly depends. It depends on your prior experience, class level (freshman, sophomore etc.), the type of internship you are applying for, if you have applied for the internship before and if so, how many times, and your overall availability.

K: If you’re not hearing back from anyone or you’re getting rejections, make a stop at the Career Center and sit down with someone to look over your resume and cover letter and see how they can help beef it up a bit and look more attractive.  Also start early.

Anonymous asked: if the normal credit per semester is 16 credits (4 classes), does it cost extra to take 20 credits (5 classes)? Or are we essentially paying for 20 credits?

It doesn’t cost extra, so you are essentially paying for 20 credits, but you may have to get your schedule approved by an academic advisor.

It’s when you take less than 12 credits, that’s when you have to start paying more because you are no longer considered a full-time student. Rather, now, you are a part-time student.

M: It does cost extra to take 20 credits in a semester.

Your tuition includes 18 credit hours. The typical full time semester is 16 credits leaving 2 left over. (There are some 2 credit academic courses and PDPs of course which students use these additional credits for.) You can overload for an additional 2 credits so that you’ll have 20 credits to use for 5 courses.

There is an additional fee of $1,374 per credit ($2,748 total) for 2013-2014. You can waive this fee as a senior with 88 credits or using your school Overload Fee Waiver. For CAS, you need a 3.3 GPA or 88 credits without senior standing. If you have 96 credits, the waiver is automatic.

For 2014-2015, tuition will cost $1,428 per additional credit over 18 credits ($2,856 for 2 credits).

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Anonymous asked: i'm going to be a freshman this upcoming fall, but i want to change the school i am in. how do i do this?

Call Admissions and ask them about switching schools. Or call your current school or the one you want to transfer to.

Anonymous asked: When does move out begin? If I have no finals during finals week can I move out May 1st? If I do, will I be able to get one of those yellow carts? And where would I get one?

You can definitely move out on May 1, but that may be a little too early for Scarlet Squad to be available with multiple carts. So you would need to get them from your Res Life office for your dorm. You would then need to give up an ID to get a single cart. They may let you get another cart if you give them your driver’s license or other sort of ID, but I’m not 100% sure.

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Anonymous asked: Not totally BU related but how early do people go to watch the marathon? Like if we want to be on boylston?

I started watching at 9 or 10 am in Kenmore last year. So for Boylston, 10 or 11 am should be fine. Check my other post made just now about the staggered start times.

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Anonymous asked: rephrasing my marathon question. i was asking about specific event about the marathon event itself. like what time it generally starts, ends, best spots to be at, etc. thanks!

Anywhere along the route is a good place to watch the Marathon. I watched from Kenmore Square last year and it was really fun. That’s where the 1 mile marker is, so everyone is really pumped to be so close to the finish line. The finish line would obviously be a great place to watch, but it will be completely packed. Some of my friends watched from Coolidge Corner where one was volunteering.

I think I started watching the Marathon outside at about 9 or 10 am last year. Some runners had already gone by, they stagger the start times for runners, runners with prosthetics and bicycles go first, then women, and finally men.

Most of the men had passed by Kenmore by 2 pm last year, which was when I left Kenmore. Everything should be wrapped up in Kenmore by 3pm and a little later at the finish line.

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Anonymous asked: There is no fax machine on campus for student use. The FedEx in warren has one and I believe allston star market has one.

If you’re an engineering student, there are some in Ingall’s that you can use.

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