Anonymous asked: Not totally BU related but how early do people go to watch the marathon? Like if we want to be on boylston?

I started watching at 9 or 10 am in Kenmore last year. So for Boylston, 10 or 11 am should be fine. Check my other post made just now about the staggered start times.

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Anonymous asked: rephrasing my marathon question. i was asking about specific event about the marathon event itself. like what time it generally starts, ends, best spots to be at, etc. thanks!

Anywhere along the route is a good place to watch the Marathon. I watched from Kenmore Square last year and it was really fun. That’s where the 1 mile marker is, so everyone is really pumped to be so close to the finish line. The finish line would obviously be a great place to watch, but it will be completely packed. Some of my friends watched from Coolidge Corner where one was volunteering.

I think I started watching the Marathon outside at about 9 or 10 am last year. Some runners had already gone by, they stagger the start times for runners, runners with prosthetics and bicycles go first, then women, and finally men.

Most of the men had passed by Kenmore by 2 pm last year, which was when I left Kenmore. Everything should be wrapped up in Kenmore by 3pm and a little later at the finish line.

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Anonymous asked: There is no fax machine on campus for student use. The FedEx in warren has one and I believe allston star market has one.

If you’re an engineering student, there are some in Ingall’s that you can use.

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Anonymous asked: Can the beds in Shelton be lofted?

Nothing is mentioned about it on Shelton’s housing page. Usually, beds that aren’t normally lofted (like HoJo and Towers) cannot be lofted. I know that beds in Warren, West, and Myles can’t be lofted, so I assume the same goes for Shelton.

Anonymous asked: where can i find a fax machine on campus?

Mugar has photocopiers and scanners but I don’t know about a fax machine

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Anonymous asked: can you give some info on the boston marathon for people who have never been?

The only marathon I experienced was last year and of course the fun was cut short.  From what I’ve observed and gathered from others, it’s basically a time when people go out to watch the runners. A lot of people will probably be drunk and everyone’s in a really good mood.  I know security will be very tight this year so things may be different.  Make sure you follow the rules they emailed out and don’t try to bring any restricted items since they’ll probably just turn you away.

Also don’t be scared! Marathon day is supposed to be super fun and relaxed and care-free so of course don’t do anything stupid but don’t let any nervousness of what will probably not happen spoil your fun.

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Anonymous asked: Is there anyway I can find out who my roommate is before the summer? I went random for next year.

You can try asking around but BU won’t tell you who you’re living with until summer

Anonymous asked: Once you drop a class can you re-add it later?


Anonymous asked: Can freshmen live in suites?


Anonymous asked: How does move out work? If my parents want to pack while I'm taking my exams will they be let in?

Parents are usually allowed in freely throughout the year, so I don’t see why the guards won’t let them come and go during move out. May be ask a guard to be sure though or Res Life.

As for how move out works, res halls close Sunday May 11 at noon, promptly. RAs will be walking around making sure everyone is out by noon. You move all your stuff out and then turn in your key at your Res Life office.

Like with move-in, there will be Scarlet Squad volunteers around with carts for you to use. Typically, if you got a cart from Res Life, you would have to give up an ID and only be able to get 1 cart. Scarlet Squad lets you take 1 cart at a time to fill up, drop off in a storage area (ex: near Nickerson Field entrance for West Campus), and take another cart for more of your stuff.