Anonymous said: I don't like my roommate and want to do a direct swap within my building. will they get mad if they see the card on the swap board? What can I tell them that's not like mean?

You don’t have to tell them anything.  If you’re not close, you don’t owe them any explanation.  To be polite, just warn them you’re trying to switch and they might get a new roommate.

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Anonymous said: Can i ask one of my teachers if I can take a final another day? I have 3 in one day.

Yes you can. Below is info about multiple final exams on the same day from

Multiple Exams In One Day

During the Fall and Spring semesters a student may have three or more exams scheduled on the same day or an exam conflict due to Non-Matrix exams. In the case of a conflict resulting from a Non-Matrix exam, the student may have their Non-Matrix exam rescheduled to another day and time as coordinated between the instructor and the student. Instructors are encouraged to use the “Instructor Final Exam Matrix” tool on the Faculty Link to find an appropriate make-up time.

In the case that a student has three or more Matrix exams scheduled on the same day, the student may reschedule their 12:30pm-2:30pm exam to another exam day during the 12:30pm-2:30pm time period as coordinated between the instructor and the student. Proctors are available for all make-up exams from 12:00pm to 3:00pm in SMG 212 during the entire exam period in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

You likely will not have to find a proctor yourself. I had to have an exam moved and my TF proctored the exam.

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Anonymous said: If I accidentally had a package sent to Warren jnstead of towers will I still get an email about my package?

Did you use to live at Warren? If that’s the case, they should forward it to your current address. Even if that isn’t the case, they should be able to look up you mailing address and forward it to you. Check with the mail room to be sure.

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Anonymous said: when should i hear back whether or not i've been accepted to my study abroad program? the deadline is october 1st for the application

Study Abroad says to expect a reply 2-4 weeks after the entire application has been received. I sent in my app today but my rec letter hasn’t been uploaded yet, so while they have received my app and I won’t be marked as late, they won’t review my app until everything is in. 2-4 weeks after that, they get back to you.

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Anonymous said: They only had youth jerseys in the bookstore

They should have full size jerseys. Check the third floor, right when you get off the escalator, that’s where they usually have them. They also sell them at the games in the portable B&N store, so if you can’t find one, you can get one Saturday at the first game.

Anonymous said: Where can i buy a terrier hockey jersey?

The bookstore.

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Anonymous said: When does the 100 Bay State dining hall really open on Sundays? I am sure I went earlier than 10:00 in the morning once...

All dining halls open at 10 am in Sundays. They open at 8 on Saturdays. Maybe they opened earlier during move in weekend, but they open at 10am on Sundays for the semester.

Dining hours for all dining halls and retail dining locations can be found at

Anonymous said: Can we pull in people to be in our suite in Stuvi? Since the rooms are all singles

Yes you can pull people into a StuVi apartment. During the housing selection process, you can pull in an many people as the room/suite/apartment can hold. If it’s a 4 person apartment, the person with the best housing number can pull in three more people of their choosing. If you are already in a StuVi apartment, that’s even better because you can do what’s called Same Room Selection and pull in whomever you want. I did Same Room Selection for my brownstone quad and pulled in two of my friends. I checked with my roommates first to see if they were planning to stay in the room like I was. They didn’t, so I went ahead and pulled in my friends, you just need their BU ID numbers and they need to say that you are pulling them in.

Check our Housing tag for more info!

Anonymous said: @ the pinky question: It's a pledge to stand against violence. Or: Considered a sign of elegance for men in Asian countries. Or: It's a coke nail.(drugs)

Thanks :)

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