Anonymous said: I want to bring a bike with me. I have a U lock, but I was wondering if the bikes can be kept in out dorms at all (like if it was raining/snowing). Also, can you register a bike with BUPD?

You can keep your bike in your dorm if that building has bike storage, I don’t have a bike on campus so I am not sure how that works. Talk to your RA about storing your bike in your dorm. I know that for small dorms like my brownstone, people just walk their bikes into their dorms and maybe into their rooms. BUPD does have a bike registration program. Parking & Transportation Services now does bike registration. They also have a link to request bike storage at Warren Towers, you have to register your bike in order to request storage.

Bike Registration

Request Bike Storage at Warren Towers (requires BU login and Kerbros password)

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Anonymous said: How's the wifi in the bay state brownstones?

I haven’t had any issues with the Wifi in my brownstone (I’m at 135 Bay State), though it may depend on which brownstone you live in. I’ve always had a strong connection, as have my roommates, except when there have been campus wide outages. If you ever encounter issues with the Wifi, it’s best to contact BU IT as we can trouble shoot any Wifi issues your computer may have. There are also Ethernet ports in all dorm rooms on campus, the wired network is even more stable than the Wifi and can also be faster.

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Anonymous said: Do you know where parents can park for move in at HoJo? I know there's the garage underneath, but i'm not sure if that is just permit parking only... This would also be for early move in, on August 27th

I’m not sure about the parking lot at HoJo because it does have permit parking everywhere. I would try the Kenmore parking lot next to KCB and Bay State dining hall. Talk to the parking attendant to see if you can park for free since you’re moving in. My mom has done that and they let her park for free.

Anonymous said: I'm thinking about taking a swimming pdp; do you know anything about how the classes are?

I’d recommend a swimming pdp!

I took the stroke improvement pdp. I really liked it. I just hopped in the pool and did laps.  They did a good job of splitting everyone up in ability levels.  Make sure you wear a swim cap if you have hair longer than an inch and goggles are very helpful as well.

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wolvesandwonders said: do the kitchens in Shelton have ovens? if so, are non-Shelton residents able to use them? i love baking things so i was just wondering :) thank you!

Yes, and you might be able to, if you just ask the RA if its fine.   They shouldn’t mind.

Anonymous said: I was planning on minoring in business but now I'm not so sure about it; do you think it's too late to drop the class and switch to something else?

It’s better to switch now so you’re not behind in your new class, and before it  is recorded as a ‘W’ on your transcript.

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Anonymous said: If I'm moving into a brownstone where do I park while unloading my stuff? Will I have to pay at the meters? If so, is there anywhere I can park for free that's not too far?

Which brownstone are you moving into? Bay State or South Campus?

While moving in my Bay State brownstone, my parents put money into the meter. You can risk just parking with your flashers on and someone watching the car, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be safe. There may be a parking pass on StudentLink for free move in parking, but I’m not sure. You can also ask the parking attendants about move in parking. I suggest going to the Kenmore parking lot and talking to the attendant there. My mom has spoken to them before and they let her park for free, but there’s no overnight parking there.

Anonymous said: is it possible for returning students (not freshman) to move into the dormitories a couple hours earlier than the scheduled move in times slot? I don't have many things, just suitcases.

You should be able to move in. There should be an RA on duty in your ResLife office. On your Residence Assignment on StudentLink you will see where you need to report for move in, they will have your key and sign in forms.

brooklynb0und said: When is the matriculation ceremony?

Sunday August 31 at noon

Anonymous said: Is it true that the Towers doesn't house that many freshmen? If so, what should I do to meet more freshmen?

I think Towers is split pretty evenly between freshmen and sophomores. Warren and West are definitely the more popular freshmen dorms, but Towers still has plenty for you to meet.

To meet more freshmen outside of Towers, talk to people in your classes, there are always plenty of freshmen in intro classes. Go to Weeks of Welcome events, every freshman I knew went to those events and they are designed to meet other freshmen, I just posted the link to the events in a previous ask. Talk to people while you walk to a Matriculation, every freshman will be there, just about. Say hi to people as you move in, whether they’re on your floor or on your street as you’re unpacking.